Venetian Plaster Online Training

For Painters, Contractors, Designers and Architects

CONCRETE Collections Course
Walls | Ceilings | Surfaces | Showers
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Rough & Smooth Concrete
Minimal | Industrial Designs
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The Concrete Selections Course shows you how to design and apply smooth minimal concrete and rough industrial concrete on typical walls, ceilings, showers  and surfaces in a step-by-step online venetian plaster course specifically for Painters, Contractors, Architects, and Designers.



• Matte Stone Walls
• Microcement Bathrooms/Showers

• Marble Walls 

This course is more than just a guide on applying Venetian plaster. You’ll learn how to create one-of-a-kind finishes with your unique touch. You will learn designs, techniques, texture, colors, tips, tricks, and much more.

DESIGNER WALL FINISHES is specifically for professional Painters / Contractors looking to expand their skill set and Architects / Interior Designers aiming to design custom walls, ceilings, and surfaces.

Potential income
Applicators and Contractors: $500-$2000+ daily
Designers and Architects: $350-$2000+ per project

handmade walls
with natural materials

Design your space like an Artist

Textured Walls & Ceilings
Discover techniques, colors, patterns, and more..

Additional Services:

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